It can be weird to talk about yourself. Lets face it, if I just went on and on about myself, what is the likelihood of you sticking around? Here is the thingI want you around!

Thats why these testimonials are here. I want you to know that I am the real deal and I get results.

Truth: I sometimes read these testimonials to remind me to keep goingfor inspiration and encouragement. My clients are amazing!

I hope these words give you some understanding of me and my work. Maybe, you will see some of yourself through my clients. You are not alone!

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Before our transformative work together, I struggled with the right to sleep. (Let alone the need to sleep.) Big parts of my life were not as congruent as I wanted, and I thought I could work some miracles between the hours of 2am and 6am. Every night. But this was problematic, since I had high-velocity days to face at 8am. Not pretty.

Fonda helped me feel the disservice of this behavior. I was helping no one by eclipsing my vibrancy and alertness. She helped me grow into a place of trust and belief that recharging myself with sleep was not slacking on my dream. It was actually fortifying my dream. Because I could face my tasks mundane and magical with all of me. I now enjoy guilty free, luxuriant rest and rejuvenation. And naps, too!

I credit Fonda for this: her deep and skillful listening, that effortlessly catches what your heart wants mostand her out-of-this-world coaching that helps you get it!

Erika Harris

I have not been able to say enough times, Fondas skill set is out of this world. I have never worked with a more educated, articulate and dynamic healer.
I have utilized both Fondas gifts of bodywork and life coaching and the two are life changing. As a coach, she has such a gift to be present and allow you to explore your own difficulties, while guiding you with care, compassion and strength. I have sought her guidance at numerous difficult times in my life and after working with her I always feel clear, inspired and well, both body and mind.
I encourage anyone/everyone with emotional, physical or mental static in your life to allow Fonda to be part of your healing process. You will be amazed at how powerful and in control you feel after working with her.
I am available for further inquire into the healing process Fonda offers and the value of her program. Outstanding Experience, Amazing!

Paris Campeau

I cannot overstate the value of having Fonda as my coach and advisor.
Prior to working with Fonda I was struggling with finding how to pursue my avocation while maintaining my vocation.
She allowed me to share my fears and concerns, but also offered strategies that have helped my avocation take flight. My thinking and mindset have changed thanks to my work with Fonda.
Now I finally feel that I am living on purpose.

Rhonda GravesHR Director

Mannnnn, you can TRUST Fonda to help you get your head screwed on straight! Just had a LESS than 15 minute call with her in which she:
1) gave me solid advice about a current situation
2) gave me my opt out message for the future AND
3) dropped a gem that felt like C4 exploding in my ears and hit me dead in my solar plexus chakra.
Women get it done. Punto.

Lena West

I was stuck at a point in my career and didnt know what to do about it. My industry is every changing and I do not like change! I needed to find clarity so, I could get unstuck and get back to what I loved doing.
I worked with Fonda and she reframed my mindset around the changes in the fashion industry. Together, we got to the truth of who I am in this industry. I remembered my success and the impact I have had with fashion and the people around me.
She is tough and loving with her words. The best was when she stated how I would be depriving the world of my talent, if I didnt get back on track.
With that said, I have found new directions I want to go in my career and now I am flexible for the ever changing atmosphere. I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished, I feel FREE! Thanks, Fonda!

Sadia Seymour

The place Fonda helped me accessI didnt even know roads went back there.
She is beyond skillful, patient, intuitive, well-studied and absolutely unafraid of the deep or the dark.
And she knows what the heck to do with the deep, darkwhether chocolate 😉 or trauma or anything between.
She is all that.

Erika Harris

Fonda is excellent at maintaining the delicate balance of firmness and care when assisting you in finding the correct path and staying on track to accomplish your goals.
Her knowledge and personal experiences have proven to be invaluable to me as I have embarked on growing a business and I am truly thankful for our coaching relationship and partnership.
The 3 most significant improvements I have enjoyed as a result of working with Fonda are:
1) Greater clarity and focus on what is most important
2) A stretching of what is possible for me in business and in life
3) A higher view of the value that I offer to my clients.
Thank you Fonda!

Benny Ferguson

Fonda brings a deep Soulful listening and a rare combination of intensity and empathy to her coaching practice enabling her to be a truly effective "wholistic healing coach".

Farra Allen