Healing Begins with a Conversation

Is This YOU???

You are NOT happy

You don’t like looking in the mirror without picking yourself apart

You have a hard time accepting compliments

You use ‘I don’t know’ a lot in your everyday talk

You feel uncomfortable in public or new situations

You always consider what others will think OR say about you before you make a decision

You ticked all the boxes, they said you HAD to in order to be happy and yet you just feel MEH?

You don’t feel sexy, sensual, soft or playful.

Instead, the question rings loudly in your head, Is this ALL there is?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then we need to talk! You want a better body or better friends or better life, then don’t delay schedule our callĀ NOW!!!

Power talks are for new clients only. ONE call per client. In order to fully participate in the call, please plan for a quiet and private place. The Power talk will last approximately 30 minutes but do allow yourself a full hour, just in case you need more time. This call is complimentary, however, it does require 24-hour cancellation or reschedule notice, so that I may provide attentive care to my other clients. Rescheduling is only allowed once. I look forward to connecting with you soon. XO, Fonda