Thank you for applying to be interviewed on The Juicy Life Show Podcast!

Just a few reminders:

1. HEADSHOT: While this doesn’t have to be professionally done, it should be good quality with space around your face. I want you to be represented well. Please attach this on the application form.
2. AGREEMENT: After reading, understanding and signing the terms, email the completed/signed AGREEMENT to within 24 hours. The instructions are included in the Guest Interview Packet and Agreement.
3. INTERVIEW TIME: We will determine TOGETHER when we will make it LIVE, so we can hold the interview as soon as works for both of us and decide later when we will promote and launch it!
4. OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED REGISTER: (FREE to BROWSE) at, to be part of the experience.
5. INTERVIEW LOGISTICS: Be ready at least 10 minutes before the call start time.
**Please ensure you have minimal background noise and possible interruptions during the call. Have headphones handy, to ensure quality sound.
We will go over questions/logistics before we start the actual interview.
The target interview time is ~30 minutes but will enjoy a natural flow.
Please allow up to an hour, so you are complete in your sharing.
Please come ready to have fun!
We are connecting via Zoom (or video platform) to capture video and audio for multiple platforms.
Do your best to be hard wired into your wifi for a good connection.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
xo, Fonda