The Challenge

  • You have dated, had some success, but end up in the same position of being alone. Again.
  • You hate change and beginning again.
  • You worry about time”it is passing you by and not having enough time.
  • You also worry what your relationship status looks like to others.
  • You don’t want to be a single mom, so you feel you need to be married to parent.
  • It seems like everybody is coupled up, but you¦what about you?
  • You feel left out AND that they don’t even deserve the men they have.


  • You have read all the books.
  • You have endless checklists on the type of guy you want.
  • Talk to your friends about it all the time.
  • Been told you are too picky.
  • You cry yourself to sleep asking, when will it be my turn? For good?


  • You have checked all the boxes: good grades, good job, nice home, right car, right friends.
  • You have mastered being a good woman.
  • You feel like an unsolvable mystery.
  • You feel like God doesn’t hear you. Like you are being punished.
  • The promise of being a good woman is SUPPOSED to guarantee a good man.
  • You don’t know how much more, how many frogs you gotta kiss before you meet and marry your prince.

No Matter What You Try, It Isn’t Working

This Was My Story…

My fianc called and he sounded stressed.

At the end of our conversation, he had called the wedding off (again) and our relationship was over.

call the florist, call the restaurant for the reception, cancel the honeymoon, and then call my father? Again?!

I made him tell his father, a pastor, who was going to marry us.

I made him meet me, handed him the guest list and told him to contact everyone that the wedding was off. For good this time.

I made him pay for the bridesmaid’s dresses.

I was SO embarrassed…to my core. Deep down I was pissed off at myself for putting myself in the position to be humiliated.

We were gifted beautiful engraved invitations as a gift from my printer friend I brought them home and he came over.

I made my little speech about being ready. I asked him, if he was ready. He said yes.

I asked him if he was sure. He said yes.

I said, if you postpone this again I am gone, we will never be together again. He said he was sure.

We assembled the invitations and I handed them to him. I looked him in the eye and said, if you are unsure: DO NOT mail these. He said again he was sure.

So, when the phone rang 5 weeks later, I was done. My entire world changed.

Have You Ever Been There?

Mad | Upset | Frustrated | Confused at everyone and with everything!

  • My intuition spoke to me loud and clear and I ignored it. More than once.
  • I violated my own Knowing, because I wanted our 5 years together to mean something.
  • I wanted to be a good woman.
  • I wanted to start a family.
  • I wanted to be a wife.
  • I assumed, because I have invested all that time with him, I was supposed to be with him. Forever?
  • The relationship didn’t end in marriage, so I made everything a lie in my head. And this cancelled me out too.
I am a habitual relationship girl.
I had No idea HOW to date.
I realized I had to learn different stuff, if I wanted different results.
  • I signed up for a couple of online dating accounts, in order to find out how single people did the single thing cuz, I had no idea.
  • I learned that dating was like interviewing for a job. Both parties were checking the other out to see if they wanted to hang out with each other for a while.
  • I stopped hating having to begin again.
  • I began to be curious about what I truly desired in a mate.
  • I stopped looking at the clock.
  • I only focused on ME. Not my girlfriends or other women (what they had).
  • I took myself out on dates and vacation.
  • I took my time, I dated. I kissed a lot of frogs.
  • I learned what made me happy. Especially the small stuff.
  • I learned to depend on me.

Today I am Happy while Married

  • We met while I was single and having fun.
  • In another country, but we lived in the same state.
  • We have friends in common.
  • We were engaged 2 months after meeting.
I like who he is as a person. As a man.
I am never bored, I am excited to spend time with him everyday.
He is my friend. And I am his.
We have passion.
We share the same values.
We don’t agree on everything, however we respect each other’s mind.
I am happy to say that I found the love of my life!
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